Trend Micro Security Solution Launches on Amazon

Trend Micro Security Solution Launches on Amazon

Trend Micro launched a new security offering on Amazon Web Services this week at AWS re:Invent. The new offering, powered by the security vendor's Deep Security platform, includes anti-malware, firewall, intrusion prevention, encryption and application scanning capabilities.

Trend Micro unveiled and demonstrated a new security solution for Amazon Web Services at the AWS re:Invent conference this week. Built on the security vendor's Deep Security platform, the new security offering includes anti-malware, intrusion prevention, encryption and application scanning features optimized to address security concerns and responsibilities on the AWS platform.

The new security offering is intended to keep corporate applications and data protected. According to Trend Micro, the licensing model was designed to align with the way organizations purchase AWS instances. According to the company, it's a first in security licensing, but that might be stretching the truth a bit. The new offering can be purchased in two ways: in advance, similar to purchasing a reserved instance, or in a pay-as-you-go model, similar to purchasing an on-demand instance.

Mark Nunnikhoven, Trend Micro's principal engineer of Cloud and Emerging Technologies, told Talkin' Cloud that the security-as-a-service offering is hosted on AWS and provides end customers with plenty of flexibility in how they use and buy the service.

Nunnikhoven said the company is seeing demand for security-as-a-service offerings like the one it launched at re:Invent. Businesses are interested in attaining more awareness of the security aspects of their applications and data, especially as they move more and more workloads to the cloud.

The real crux is in providing security in a highly efficient manner, he said. And that's where Trend Micro is hoping to stand out from its competitors.

But the biggest concerns among organizations today is securing data at rest, he said. The new Trend Micro security offering was designed to solve that problem and ease customer concerns about storing sensitive data on the AWS cloud.

With Amazon's shared security responsibility model, AWS is responsible for infrastructure security, but end users are responsible to protect the operating system and beyond.

Nunnikhoven also noted that Trend Micro is working with channel partners to bring this new security offering to the market, so there likely will be opportunities for partners working within the AWS framework to provide a security value-add to their end customers.

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