TraceSecurity Enables Channel to Centrally Manage Customer Security Programs Photo by davedehetre. Licensed under Creative Commons.

TraceSecurity Enables Channel to Centrally Manage Customer Security Programs

TraceSecurity's TraceCSO API incorporates existing customer security solutions into TraceCSO risk-based information security program to enable channel partners to centrally manage customers' information security programs.

Managing existing information security programs while also extending into new realms of security and applications can be a tricky task, at best, for channel partners. Bringing everything together into a centralized, cloud-based management platform or tool makes things easier not only on the channel partner but also on the customer, who can generally be assured of more consistent security management.

Enter the TraceSecurity TraceCSO API, a new enhancement to the company's TraceCSO risk-based information security program. The API extends the product's risk management capabilities to customers' existing security solutions and incorporates them into TraceCSO. For the channel, this provides them with a tool to offer customers centralized management of their information security programs.

"With so many organizations already having security solutions in place, the new TraceCSO API allows them to continue using their existing technology, while significantly enhancing their investment by integrating these solutions and their outputs into TraceCSO's comprehensive information security programs," said Brady Justice, TraceSecurity director of systems engineering, in a prepared statement.

In addition to being a useful tool for partners to use to manage their various customers' security programs in one spot, there's also a direct partner revenue opportunity. The TraceSecurity Partner Program was designed to help the channel build IT governance, risk and compliance (IT GRC) business practices. Through the program, TraceSecurity aims to work with partners to capitalize on the security compliance market—a market the company noted continues to grow.

According to TraceSecurity, new partners have little upfront investment, no technical certification and access to a ready-to-go SaaS security business model.

The new TraceCSO API is a SOAP-enabled API that ties in a variety of security solutions, including existing vulnerability scanners and future SIEM system, IDS/IPS solutions and endpoint monitoring and management tools. Some of these technologies are already supported by the API, but TraceSecurity will continue adding support for other technologies in time.

The TraceCSO API is included with a subscription to TraceCSO.

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