SafeNet Updates ProtectV to Encrypt Amazon EC2 Workloads

SafeNet Updates ProtectV to Encrypt Amazon EC2 Workloads

Data protection services provider SafeNet has updated its ProtectV offering to include encryption capabilities for Amazon EC2 workloads that also comes with the ability for customers to maintain full ownership of encryption keys.

SafeNet is adding encryption to Amazon (AMZN) EC2 workloads, as well as the ability for customers to maintain full ownership of encryption keys, to its ProtectV data protection offering. SafeNet ProtectV with Virtual KeySecure was designed to run entirely on Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure and is also compatible with AWS CloudHSM.

Cloud encryption and, more specifically, the ownership of encryption keys has been getting additional notice lately as customers look for security solutions that not only can protect their cloud-based apps and data, but also place the encryption keys in their hands, giving them a certain amount of ownership over the security of their own cloud endeavors.

As organizations move their most sensitive data to the cloud, they still want high levels of data protection. For many businesses, the lack of data protection is a deterrent, but many cloud providers—including SafeNet—are trying to make the transition to cloud easier by providing the encryption capabilities customers are demanding.

And Amazon seems on board with what its partners are doing.

"We are excited to work with SafeNet to make ProtectV and Virtual KeySecure available to customers in the AWS Marketplace," said Terry Wise, director of the Worldwide Partner Ecosystem at AWS, in a prepared statement. "The combination of SafeNet's enterprise encryption and key management, along with AWS's highly scalable, secure and flexible platform, is a compelling offering for customers deploying sensitive workloads in AWS. Making these solutions available on the AWS Marketplace provides customers with a simple, trusted and secure way to quickly leverage SafeNet security offerings on demand."

The SafeNet offering is really a combination of two elements:

  • ProtectV encryption, which provides high-availability security with pre-boot authentication for protecting entire virtual machine instances and storage volumes.
  • Virtual KeySecure key management, which is a hardened virtual security appliance that manages and securely stores encryption keys for ProtectV.

It's good timing for the launch. And it's no coincidence, of course. SafeNet will be demonstrating its new ProtectV capabilities at the Amazon re:Invent Conference in Las Vegas.

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