nCircle Automates Amazon EC2 Security for PureCloud Customers

nCircle Automates Amazon EC2 Security for PureCloud Customers

nCircle PureCloud customers now have an option for security on Amazon EC2 that nCircle claims will provide them with secure cloud deployments akin to on-premise network security.

Security may not quite be the hot topic it was a couple of years ago, but it's still top of mind for CIOs and other IT decisionmakers. On Amazon EC2, nCircle is hoping to alleviate some of those concerns with a new free security service designed for its nCircle PureCloud customers.

The new service provides customers with automated cloud security scanning for Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) networks within nCircle PureCloud. The vendor's PureCloud service is a vulnerability management solution that enables customers to evaluate the security of their cloud deployments on Amazon without the need to do manual identification of each machine instance.

"Securely deploying and managing cloud environments is a new frontier for organizations leveraging the flexibility and economics of elastic cloud computing environments,” said Ed Colonna, vice president of Cloud Solutions at nCircle, in a prepared statement. "PureCloud's cloud security scanning drastically simplifies the process for security professionals to secure these environments as effectively as their on-premise networks."

According to nCircle, a few of the key benefits to the new security service include:

  • No manual scan configuration required. The target host information is automatically retrieved using Amazon Web Services API.
  • Automatic entering of host IPs. Scan configurations and hosts are automatically updated.
  • Cloud security can be managed with the same tools used to manage the cloud environment.

Of course, none of these features affect Amazon EC2 customers that don't use nCircle PureCloud, so it's entirely a service that only impacts a certain demographic of Amazon customers.

The Amazon cloud security scanning service is available to PureCloud customers at no charge. nCircle is currently offering perimeter cloud scanning, and it has plans to launch internal cloud scanning features soon.

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