CloudPassage Halo App Integrates with Splunk Enterprise

CloudPassage Halo App Integrates with Splunk Enterprise

CloudPassage has released Halo App for Splunk Enterprise, an app that enables Splunk and CloudPassage users to collect 80 unique security event types across cloud infrastructure for analysis and correlation with machine data indexed with Splunk Enterprise.

A new application from CloudPassage combines the cloud infrastructure security firm's Halo event data with correlation and analysis from Splunk Enterprise 6 to monitor security events on both public and private cloud servers.

CloudPassage Halo App for Splunk Enterprise was designed for users of both CloudPassage and Splunk to collect 80 unique security event types across cloud infrastructures, and then analyze and correlate the data with other machine data indexed within Splunk Enterprise.

According to the two companies, the new app enables end users to create unique dashboards for insights that come from pairing Halo's "massive event data" with Splunk Enterprise's ability correlate and analyze data. Additionally, the application provides the ability to geo-locate user login attempts and cloud computing instances on any cloud provider for additional insight and control into cloud infrastructure services.

"The CloudPassage Halo App for Splunk Enterprise provides Splunk users with rich cloud security event data that is otherwise elusive and obscured in cloud environments," said Bill Gaylord, senior vice president of Business Development of Splunk, in a prepared statement. "Organizations are seeking greater transparency into their cloud environments, and we are pleased to team up with CloudPassage to shine a light on this data and allow organizations to enhance their security posture by correlating additional cloud security data with machine data from across the organization."

CloudPassage takes a unique method to secure the cloud. The company told Talkin' Cloud earlier this year that it essentially uses botnet technology to collect event data to protect critical information stored in the cloud. Pair that with Splunk's own off-kilter culture and strong deep monitoring and analysis technology, and it seems like a formula for a unique partnership.

What it will mean to the channel is unknown, but CloudPassage does work with a variety of partners, so there could be opportunities for its partners to bring the offering to market.

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