CipherCloud Adds Encryption to Box Offering

CipherCloud Adds Encryption to Box Offering

CipherCloud is expanding its Box DLP solution to include encryption, adding a layer of security to Box file, sync and share the company says is needed but currently lacking for the popular cloud storage provider.

Following up on the launch of its Box DLP offering earlier this year, cloud security specialist CipherCloud is now incorporating encryption into the offering with the hope of providing something to Box customers they currently don't have access to.

There are other encryption offerings that touch Box, but according to CipherCloud, its new encryption capabilities provide a seamless experience that its competitors don't offer. Most importantly, the company takes an approach to encryption and security that places the encryption keys in the hands of the customer, giving them ownership and control, said Pravin Kothari, founder and CEO of CipherCloud.

"We not only provide the encryption key to the customer to give you full control of information in the cloud, but we let everyone collaborate on the documents. And, because it's a gateway-based solution, we support web interfaces seamlessly," Kothari told Talkin' Cloud.

CipherCloud encryption is military-grade AES encryption. In the case of the Box solution, it has been added to the existing DLP offering. Kothari noted the technology can be configured to selectively apply encryption based on DLP policies. The way customers most likely will use this element is to ensure encryption only of sensitive files, leaving other files and folders unencrypted.

"This way, you have very granular control not only at the content level, but we also provide control at the user level," Kothari said. Encryption capabilities can be assigned to individual users or groups of users.

The other key feature CipherCloud is talking up as it launches its encryption feature for Box is mobility. Kothari explained that some encryption features for file, sync and share offerings don't include mobile devices in their capabilities, and that's another way CipherCloud hopes to stand out from the rest.

For CipherCloud and its partners, this feature launch simply marks the latest news in what has been a solid year. Business, particularly in the European market, has doubled in the last three months, Kothari said. Additionally, CipherCloud and its partners have onboarded more than 2 million live business users.

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