BeyondTrust Vulnerability Assessment Launches

BeyondTrust Vulnerability Assessment Launches

BeyondTrust has launched a new cloud-based vulnerability assessment scanning offering that is meant to extend security visibility to external risks. BeyondSaaS was designed to be an easy-to-use and cost-effective assessment solution.

BeyondTrust has launched BeyondSaaS, a cloud-based vulnerability assessment tool that the company designed to be easy-to-use and cost-effective. The new offering was developed to help customers achieve PCI-DSS compliance by scanning externally facing webpages and IP addresses for vulnerabilities.

According to BeyondTrust, the new cloud-based service simplifies the entire vulnerability management process by enabling an organization to assess public-facing assets while managing the job scheduling, reporting and get results using web browsers.

"Dynamic IT environments coupled with increasingly sophisticated attack methods make it imperative that organizations have the ability to look at IT assets outside the protection of their firewalls," said Brad Hibbert, executive vice president of Product Strategy and Operations at BeyondTrust, in a prepared statement. "BeyondSaaS provides a unique perspective of assets as they appear on the Internet and as attackers may view them from any browser, tablet or smartphone."

All of the vulnerability assessment is done from the cloud on either a scheduled or ad-hoc basis (or both, if you'd prefer). The company is pushing the benefits of cloud computing technology with the launch of the BeyondSaaS service. One of the benefits, according to the company? Customers no longer need to use expensive and complex, third-party scanners to get good results, the company noted.

Available now, BeyondTrust noted a few additional features, including:

  • Integrated Microsoft Live authentication;
  • Web application assessment;
  • Vulnerability assessment;
  • Management from any tablet or mobile device;
  • Simplified whitelisting of scan engines in the cloud; and
  • Unlimited assessments per asset.
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