Alert Logic Launches Web App Firewall on AWS

Alert Logic Launches Web App Firewall on AWS

Alert Logic is taking its web application firewall offering to Amazon Web Services, providing AWS customers with the ability to block web application attacks.

Alert Logic has expanded its security-as-a-service offerings on Amazon (AMZN) Web Services (AWS). The company's latest SaaS product is Web Security Manager, a web application firewall that protects cloud environments by blocking web application attacks.

The introduction of a web application firewall fills a gap in Alert Logic's portfolio of cloud services, which has expanded lately. Both Threat Manager and Log Manager already were available on AWS, but last month, Alert Logic extended those security-as-a-service offerings to AWS GovCloud (U.S.), getting a solid foot in the door of the public and government vertical. There was no mention of GovCloud in this latest announcement, but it wouldn't surprise me if it does get pushed into the AWS government vertical over the next few months.

With Web Security Manager, Alert Logic now provides web application firewall, intrusion prevention and SEIM security offerings on AWS. It may not yet be a complete package of cloud security services, but it could be a powerful combination if Alert Logic gets the uptick in customers it is likely hoping for.

"With the launch of Web Security Manager, Alert Logic makes available a full enterprise-ready suite of security-as-a-service solutions built for the cloud," said Misha Govshteyn, chief strategy officer and co-founder of Alert Logic, in a prepared statement. "Now enterprises with cloud-enabled IT infrastructures can leverage all of our cloud-based web security and compliance solutions engineered for easy implementation through AWS."

This could represent a new opportunity for Alert Logic's channel partners to go back to customers interested in additional security-as-a-service offerings and sell them a broader suite of services. This, of course, only affects Alert Logic partners who also deal in the AWS realm, but for those outside of AWS, Alert Logic's cloud service offerings are available to hosting services providers.

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