Brendan Hannigan general manager of IBM Security Systems

Brendan Hannigan, general manager of IBM Security Systems

IBM Launches Intelligent Security Portfolio

IBM has launched an intelligent security portfolio of products and services that the vendor hopes will boost the security of enterprise, public and private clouds and mobile devices.

IBM (IBM) is rolling out a portfolio of intelligent security solutions aimed at beefing up the protection of enterprise environments, public and private clouds and mobile devices.

The security solutions build on IBM's investments in and deployments of cloud, security and analytics software and services. According to Big Blue, the new offerings were designed to protect the most vital data and applications of enterprises using advanced analytics across the entire hybrid cloud computing model.

"Customers are now moving actual critical workloads to the cloud and they expect enterprise grade security to move with it," said Brendan Hannigan, general manager of IBM Security Systems, in a prepared statement. "We have pivoted our entire security portfolio to the cloud to help customers lock down user access, control data and maintain visibility. With the right visibility into threats, enterprises can more securely connect their people, data and processes to the cloud."

Using analytics, the IBM security solutions aim to provide customers with "a clear line of sight into the security status of their entire business." They were developed to be end-to-end, covering everything from cloud data centers right to end user devices. The security-related information is also entirely available through a single pane of glass, showing IT administrators who is using the cloud, what data individuals are accessing and from where that information is being accessed.

Of course, IBM SoftLayer is a part of the solution, as well. Big Blue noted in its announcement that the security portfolio includes analytics and security intelligence for public cloud services such as IBM SoftLayer. It also integrates with IBM's Managed Security Services offering to help secure the cloud for IBM customers, as well as customers of cloud services providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and (CRM).

The end result, according to IBM, is increased visibility across the cloud, more security in connecting users to cloud applications and data, and the ability to lock down data in the cloud.

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