Fortinet Unveils Security On-Demand for Amazon Web Services

Fortinet Unveils Security On-Demand for Amazon Web Services

Fortinet has released a version of its FortiWeb-VM web application firewalls (WAFs) for Amazon Web Services, providing on-demand security for AWS users.

Fortinet (FTNT) is beefing up its presence on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The security-focused vendor has launched FortiWeb-VM Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) for AWS, expanding on its previously released FortiGate Security for AWS.

John Maddison, vice president of Marketing at Fortinet, told Talkin' Cloud that the point of this new release is to provide Amazon users with the ability to have on-demand security for their various instances. Pricing is based on individual instances and the time they are in use, enabling customers to have the security they need whenever they spin up and instance.

"I think that a lot of customers I speak to have a multi-platform, multi-vendor approach," Maddison told Talkin' Cloud. "They’re not just relying on one cloud or one SDN vendor. They have multiple vendors for infrastructure and SaaS, and our long-term goal is to support multiple clouds and multiple infrastructures, because that's what our customers are asking for."

The on-demand security option is priced in traditional fashion for cloud services. It's on-demand, and customers only pay for whatever they use. But he stressed that one of the benefits is the ability to get that security whenever they need it, such as when they spin up temporary instances.

For Fortinet partners, there's a potentially huge opportunity.

"I think it's the long-term model for a lot of MSSPs and partners going forward. Partners want more flexibility. That's the whole reason they like the cloud and they like SDN. They want to be able to have applications quickly," Maddison said.

FortiWeb-VM for AWS was designed to provide multiple protection layers against threats that target web applications, including cross-scripting, SQL injection, buffer overflows, file inclusion, cookie poisoning, schema poisoning, denial of service (at both the application and network layers) and others. It also takes into account reputation and protects against automated attacks by identifying botnet activity.

This may be the first step for the offering. Maddison said that, depending market share, Fortinet may launch version on other IaaS offerings in time. Although Amazon Web Services is still the dominant IaaS, he said he's hearing more and more from customers about Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. And Fortinet launched an Azure offering earlier this year.

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