DB Networks Targets Cloud Providers with Virtual IDS

DB Networks Targets Cloud Providers with Virtual IDS

DB Networks released a behavioral analysis-based intrusion detection system (IDS) virtual appliance designed to help cloud services providers and managed security services providers deliver security-as-a-service to their customers.

DB Networks has followed up on the October 2013 launch of its first product with a virtualized version of its intrusion detection system (IDS) aimed specifically at cloud services providers and managed security services providers (MSSPs).

Unveiled at RSA Conference in San Francisco, the IDS-6300v intelligent security virtual appliance is a behavioral analysis-based core IDS product that was designed to detect advanced database threats. One of the largest issues the IDS product is trying to help customers deal with is SQL injection attacks, which Steve Hunt, DB Networks' COO, explained as a "malicious modification of SQL statement."

Hunt told Talkin' Cloud that the IDS virtual appliance is part of the evolution of intrusion detection, which historically has been done with signature-based systems. But signature analysis isn't a perfect system, and the entire industry is moving toward behavioral analysis.

For cloud providers and MSSPs, DB Networks noted in its announcement that there is an opportunity to take the technology and build security-as-a-service offerings.

The need for the product in a cloud format? Recent high-profile attacks against the likes of Target show that many databases are prone to SQL injection attacks, the company stated. And because of that, there is a growing opportunity for vendors, cloud services providers and MSSPs to provide the technologies on an as-a-service basis—a form factor that continues to catch on in every aspect of IT.

From its first product launch last fall, DB Networks set itself up to have a high-touch, channel-fulfilled go-to-market strategy. Hunt said the vendor is working with several channel partners, but a certain type of partner is likely going to be able to take the virtual appliance and run with it more rapidly than others.

"The MSSPs have the highest likelihood of being able to carry their own water sooner because they're familiar with the model," he said.

DB Networks is currently at RSA Conference talkin up the IDS-6300v, which carries a starting price tag of $20,000.

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