Joyent Eyes AWS Customers with Pricing Plan Changes Photo by 401K of Flickr. Licensed under Creative Commons.

Joyent Eyes AWS Customers with Pricing Plan Changes

Joyent is introducing consistent pricing plans to take on Amazon Web Services. The company's new global pricing schemes match those of competitor AWS.

Simple and consistent pricing helps to drive cloud services, and Joyent is now aiming to do that to compete with Amazon (AMZN) Web Services. The high-performance cloud infrastructure company is introducing globally consistent pricing that matches the pricing schemes of AWS.

At the same time, Joyent has expanded its elastic compute service offering and launched reserved pricing plans. The goal, according to Joyent, is to give its customers more flexibility and control to improve on their price-to-performance value.

With its pricing models, Joyent has added one- and three-year reserved capacity pricing options. Using reserved capacity, customers can purchase the Joyent service with a one-time fee to receive a discount on hourly charges for the instance over the entire contract term.

"Our goal is to make our value fully visible to the market while continuing to make the Joyent public cloud easier to use," said Henry Wasik, president and CEO of Joyent, in a prepared statement.

Joyent is clearly taking aim at AWS IaaS with its new pricing, as well as its new instance types. The company has launched several new instance types that fall into five overall categories:

  • Standard provides a balanced set of resources and a low-cost platform that is well-suited for a wide variety of applications.
  • High Memory offers large memory sizes for high-throughput applications, including database and memory caching applications.
  • High CPU provides proportionally more CPU resources than memory (RAM) and is well-suited for compute-intensive applications.
  • High Storage provides proportionally higher storage density per instance, and is ideally suited for applications that benefit from high sequential I/O performance across very large data sets. The instances also provide high levels of CPU, memory and network performance.
  • High I/O offers very high disk I/O performance and is ideally suited for many high-performance database workloads. The instances provide SSD-based local instance storage, and also provide high levels of CPU, memory and network performance.

The instances are similar to what AWS offers in both features and price, which could increase the competition between Joyent and one of the top competitors in the market.

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