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Want to Hire More Millennials? Try Offering Tech-Centric Perks

Pulling Gen Y employees toward your business means you must pay attention to their needs, wants and desires. With millennials taking over the workforce, businesses will have to adapt to an entirely different mindset. Here are the details.

According to U.S. Census Bureau statistics, there are 80 million millennials in the United States alone. Despite this overwhelming supply, businesses today face stiff competition for attracting top Gen Y talent. 

When it comes to this tech-savvy generation, businesses are realizing that perks can be just as important as salary for enticing new hires. To better grab the attention of Gen Y employees, organizations must demonstrate their own IT inclinations, and pay attention to the perks their candidates desire outside of typical pay, fringe benefit packages and a free lunch.

Here are just a couple of ways businesses can grab the attention of talented millennials.

  • Bring your own device (BYOD): Millennials are glued to their gadgets, but many employers restrict what devices may be used in the office out of security concerns. Firms that invest the time and effort to devise a BYOD policy that adequately balances organizational security needs with employee convenience can benefit from a windfall of employee gratitude. Clearly defined (and communicated) use policies can help guide employees on what behaviors are not allowed, such as storing sensitive data in a personal cloud storage account.
  • Technology subsidization: A surefire way to pique millennial interest is for firms to subsidize new technology purchases. Whether it’s an upgrade to the latest OS or a new tablet to better mobilize the outside sales team, employees value the opportunity to test out tools they may not have procured on their own. These perks give staff more autonomy over what devices and programs they use, increasing their engagement and, ultimately, the results they bring to your organization.

Employers eager to attract more millennial workers need to figure out what makes them tick. For younger generations, that often means access to advanced technology that enables productivity and flexibility across their personal and professional lives.

After acquiring millennial talent, tech-driven perks can be equally valuable for combatting another challenge: the cohort's reputed job-hopping habits. Check back next week to find out which tech perks are the best for retaining Gen Y staff.

How do you work with millennials on your staff to keep them satisfied? Which perks does your business offer them that others in the market are not currently providing?

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