Riverbed AWS re:Invent Survey: Reliability Still Top Concern

Riverbed AWS re:Invent Survey: Reliability Still Top Concern

A survey conducted by Riverbed Technology of AWS re:Invent attendees shows that of the top concerns regarding public cloud IaaS, reliability is causing organizations the most worry.

Riverbed Technology (RVBD) has released the results of a survey conducted at the Amazon Web Services re:Invent conference earlier this month. In surveying 122 people responsible for IT management and application development management at large enterprises, the company turned up some interesting data that shows the top four concerns related to public cloud platforms.

The top concern, as indicated by 90 percent of survey respondents, is reliability. But the other top three concerns aren't all that far off in terms of percentage. Of the respondents, 88 percent indicated performance as a top concern, followed by security at 86 percent and cost at 84 percent.

Considering the group being surveyed, it probably comes as little surprise that 96 percent of respondents said they are engaging in or discussing IaaS deployments. I mean, this was an AWS partner conference, after all.

Also according to the survey, 53 percent of organizations have deployed at least one app to public cloud platforms. Of those who haven't yet deployed an application on a public cloud, 83 percent said they expect that to change within the next six months.

What are most of these IT and application development managers doing on public cloud platforms? As has been the case for some time, the most popular application is test and dev, which 85 percent of respondents said they are doing. Rounding out the top five are public-facing websites or web applications (84 percent), non-critical business apps (79 percent), backup archiving (70 percent) and business-critical apps (69 percent). A little bit of everything, really, and test and dev apps are no longer way out in front of every other top of app being deployed on a public cloud.

Looking ahead, respondents noted they do have goals for their applications already or soon to be deployed on an IaaS. Those include improving computing scalability (87 percent), reducing app deployment time (81 percent), saving costs (81 percent) and improving availability (81 percent).

Riverbed also provided three recommendations to help make the deployment process easier:

  • Engage network, security and application operators early in your cloud/IaaS project.
  • Build for worst-case user volume and location to avoid scale and latency issues.
  • Map application dependencies, especially between cloud, third-party and on-premise components.
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