Spanning Cloud Apps Pushes Monitoring to Mobile Devices

Spanning Cloud Apps Pushes Monitoring to Mobile Devices

Spanning Cloud Apps is launching its first mobile application. Audit Log for Google Apps enables administrators to monitor Google Apps domains from iOS and Android devices.

Spanning Cloud Apps is making it possible for administrators and trusted advisors to monitor Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) Apps domains from any iOS or Android device with the launch of its first mobile app. Audit Log for Google Apps alerts admins when changes are made to their domain settings so they can monitor their domains on the go and in real time.

Focused on providing cloud-based backup and recovery with Spanning Backup for Google Apps, the vendor tripled its funding last month to build out its direct sales team and its reseller channel. Although it has been trying to make a name for itself since its launch in 2010 as a cloud-based backup and restore service provider, Spanning also provides log management and monitoring through its Admin Audit Log Viewer, which is the technological basis for the new mobile app.

"Our mobile app enables administrators to have instant, active and deep access to the state of their domains from anywhere and on any device," said Charlie Wood, CEO and founder of Spanning, in a prepared statement. "Cloud apps are no longer web-only, and Spanning is investing heavily in the cloud-plus-mobile future."

Audit Log for Google Apps is free—and available now—to Spanning's customers. By using the app, admins can monitor all changes to their Google Apps domains' settings, audit actions by other admins and review the history of all changes using a mobile interface. It's an active monitor, so the app pushes notifications to admins whenever changes are made so they can take action immediately if necessary.

Spanning noted the app was developed during as a "hack-a-thon" project. It was built by two front-end developers that recreated Admin Audit Log Viewer as a mobile app. According to Spanning, the team realized it added a lot of value to admins. Obviously at some point, somebody at Spanning decided it was then worth releasing to the public.

As Spanning builds its reseller channel, this could prove to be a useful tool for partners that are entrusted with monitoring and maintaining customers' Google Apps domains (as well as their own).

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