Onehub Launches Cloud File Sharing on iOS Mobile Devices

Onehub Launches Cloud File Sharing on iOS Mobile Devices

Onehub, which provides cloud file-sharing capabilities for businesses, has extended its technology to iOS devices, giving users the ability to save files directly to a secure location from their iPhones and iPads.

Onehub is extending is mobile cloud application with the ability for Apple (AAPL) iOS users to securely share files directly to the Onehub file-sharing network. Essentially, this gives iPad and iPhone users to use the file-sharing service just as they would with other supported devices.

Onehub provides file-sharing cloud technology for businesses. The company noted that customers who receive an email can open attachments via their iOS devices, view the files and then choose to save them to the Onehub network.

The cloud service provider has taken an interest in mobility and is currently working to make it simpler for business customers to use its service from any mobile device. In its announcement, it noted that the new features makes it easy for iOS users to save files when they're away from their desktop (or laptop) computers.

That's the real key to cloud file sharing, though, isn't it? As more and more computing switches from desktops and laptops to mobile devices, there's an ever-growing need to push those file-sharing technologies to devices on the go. The leader in the space, Dropbox, has mobile versions of its application, and competitors are taking the same route to stay competitive. In fact, without mobile support, cloud file-sharing services could find themselves in big trouble over even the short term. End users are becoming more and more adamant about having access to data no matter where they are or which device they're using.

Cloud and mobility are about convenience, so anything that pushes that agenda continues to further the cause.

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