FireEye Unveils Cloud Platform for Mobile Threat Prevention Photo by neeravbhatt of Flickr. Licensed under Creative Commons.

FireEye Unveils Cloud Platform for Mobile Threat Prevention

FireEye has released a cloud-based platform that provides customers with mobile threat prevention features. Specifically, FireEye Mobile Threat Prevention protects Android devices from mobile threats.

The warnings keep coming that malware increasingly will affect mobile devices, and one of the ways organizations are keeping their devices safe is by turning to the cloud. Mobile threat prevention services are coming onto the market, and the latest one is from FireEye, which has announced the upcoming launch of FireEye Mobile Threat Prevention for Android devices.

The cloud-based platform is slated to be available before the year is out, ready to protect the estimated 1 billion Android devices and 1 million Android apps. FireEye's platform was designed to detect and report mobile threats, but it aims to do so in a unique way. Instead of relying on malware signatures, FireEye Mobile Threat Prevention "detonates Android apps within the FireEye Multi-Vector Virtual Execution (MVX) engine to provide automated mobile threat assessment."

"Today's cybercriminals are using all the resources at their disposal to compromise an organization and steal intellectual property," said Dawn Song, FireEye fellow and associate professor of Computer Science at UC Berkeley, in a prepared statement. "These blended attacks encompass various vectors: email, Web, file and increasingly the mobile vector. Traditional security defenses fail when advanced malware gets increasingly complicated and dynamic. FireEye Mobile Threat Prevention has a unique approach to address these problems."

According to FireEye, there is a rapidly growing class of mobile threats that affect Android apps with more than 200 million downloads. FireEye calls this "vulnaggressive" adware that is threatening millions of Android users.

FireEye sells its portfolio of security products through channel resellers. The company made no mention of the channel in its announcement, but the FireEye Mobile Threat Prevention service for Android devices could be a nice addition to the cloud provider's toolkit. Even better might be a cloud services brokerage with a growing portfolio of cloud security services. More details likely will surface prior to the offering's scheduled launch later this year.

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