Exadel Adds Windows 8 Support for Tiggzi Mobile App Platform

Exadel Adds Windows 8 Support for Tiggzi Mobile App Platform

Mobile cloud app platform Tiggzi now supports Microsoft Windows 8, arguably Microsoft's first operating system developed specifically with cloud in mind.

Mobile software developer Exadel is embracing Microsoft Windows 8 with its cloud-based Tiggzi Mobile App Platform. Now supporting Microsoft's latest operating system, Tiggzi is a cloud-based mobile app PaaS for the building and deployment of mobile apps.

With the addition of support for Windows 8, arguably Microsoft's first operating system constructed with the cloud in mind, Tiggzi has several new features around the OS, including the option to create a Windows Store app with support for the native capabilities of Live Tiles, Snap Views and others, and Share and Search charm integration. Once applications have been constructed, developers are able to export their projects to Visual Studio as Windows Store-ready so they can put the finishing touches on before launching publicly to the Windows Store consumer community.

To get developers to jump on board and start using the new Windows 8-based features, Exadel has presented mobile apps developers with a challenge. The Tiggzi Windows 8 Challenge is an opportunity for developers to win a few prizes by creating native Windows 8 apps using the platform.

"Tiggzi support has become even more robust to better serve the needs of our large developer community," said Fima Katz, CEO of Exadel, in a prepared statement.

Katz hinted at future development and features in the continuing evolution of the Tiggzi platform, but we'll have to wait to see what Exadel has up its sleeves.

For now, though, the company has also added a new HTML5-based App Builder tool that Exadel claims loads faster, performs better and is easier to use.

The new features, particularly the support for Windows 8, will make it easier for Tiggzi developers to delve into the realm of Windows 8 mobile app development. As apps and software development picks up for Windows 8, the platform should help developers and ISVs to get to market quicker and build apps that will work on Microsoft's latest operating system.

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