CenturyLink AppFog Acquisition Adds PaaS to Savvis Cloud

CenturyLink AppFog Acquisition Adds PaaS to Savvis Cloud

CenturyLink is building out its Savvis Cloud offerings with the acquisition of AppFog. The purchase of AppFog adds a PaaS offering to the Savvis IaaS product.

CenturyLink (CTL) is looking to get into the PaaS game with the completion of its acquisition of AppFog, which provides a PaaS specificially tailored to software developers. CenturyLink will add the new PaaS offering to its Savvis Cloud product catalog, which already includes the Savvis IaaS offering.

According to the companies, AppFog's PaaS is currently used by more than 100,000 software developers, who have deployed more than 150,000 applications. With the acquisition, CenturyLink will add AppFog's public cloud PaaS to its SavvisDirect online channel, but the company has plans to offer private, dedicated deployments of the technology to Savvis' enterprise customers.

"Combining AppFog's market-leading platform-as-a-service capabilities with Savvis' industry-leading infrastructure-as-a-service cloud services and CenturyLink's global network will enable developers to securely and reliably operate and connect the applications they build and deploy," said Jeff Von Deylen, president of CenturyLink's Savvis organization, in a prepared statement.

CenturyLink didn't release financial details about the transaction.

Last November, AppFog launched a Private Cloud Beta Program and invited select customers to join to try out the next evolution of the AppFog PaaS. The PaaS provider had a busy 2012, as did many cloud providers, with new partnerships with Rackspace and the closing of the beta test phase of its cloud-based application deployment and management PaaS.

Meanwhile, CenturyLink's Savvis got into the storage game with Symphony Cloud Storage, joining the growing number of cloud storage providers, and getting its feet in the private cloud space by building AppGrid on top of CA Technologies' AppLogic.

"Developers can expect to see enhancements to our PaaS capabilities, and we look forward to making the full suite of AppFog services available to existing and prospective CenturyLink and Savvis clients," said Lucas Carlson, the former CEO of AppLogic and now vice president and cloud evangelist at Savvis, in a prepared statement.

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