ZyXEL Launches Cloud Network Center Platform

ZyXEL Launches Cloud Network Center Platform

ZyXEL's Cloud Network Center is a platform that allows VARs to centrally manage multiple wired and wireless networks from a single pane of glass.

ZyXEL launched its Cloud Network Center (CNA) this week, which is expected to help VARs manage multiple wired and wireless networks remotely via a central cloud platform.

CNC is hosted on Amazon’s public cloud, and provides an overview of all registered networks with management functions governing platform-supported products, according to the announcement.

The broadband access and business networking solution provider said its Cloud Network Center will help VARs to more easily monitor multiple business networks simultaneously. The platform also stores network settings in the cloud so replacement models can be installed with a one-click restore function.

"Traveling from one location to the next to address network issues is costly for businesses and VARs. ZyXEL's Cloud Network Center enables VARs to manage networks from any location, giving them the flexibility to serve their customers right away without wasting valuable resources," said Steven Joe, executive vice president for channel business for Americas at ZyXEL, in a statement. "Today's business environments require agility and flexibility when accessing their networks, especially during unforeseen downtime. With CNC, VARs can swiftly resolve issues all from a single point of entry into the cloud."

The CNC platform comes with a complementary one-year license of service for the first purchase that allows users to manage up to 250 networking devices. Customers can also opt into a flexible licensing plan at any time. The platform supports several of ZyXEL’s solutions, including its 11ac WAC6500 series access points, NXC wireless controllers and more.

Interested buyers should note that a Cloud Network Agent will need to be deployed within customer networks to facilitate communication between the cloud and the local network, according to ZyXEL. ZyXEL’s CNA100 will cost an additional $999 MSRP and is expected to be available in November through the company’s channel partner ecosystem.

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