VMware Adds Seven Analytics Content Packs to vCenter

VMware Adds Seven Analytics Content Packs to vCenter

VMware is expanding the capabilities of vCenter Log Insight with the addition of seven new content packs from Cisco Systems, EMC, HyTrust, NetApp, NetFlow Logic, Puppet Labs and VCE.

VMware (VMW) beefed up its analytics capabilities for machine data in its vCenter Log Insight product by releasing seven new content packs from various technology partners.

The content packs were developed to enable vCenter Log Insight to consume unstructured data from a wider variety of sources while at the same time providing customers with more valuable insights into their data so they can more precisely and accurately identify and troubleshoot issues in virtual and cloud environments.

"Now our partners can target the broad VMware vSphere install base by augmenting VMware's analytics capabilities, and customers can go to our marketplace and get up-to date domain or purpose-built content packs for their specific deployments," said Ramin Sayar, senior vice president and general manager of cloud management at VMware, in a prepared statement.

The new content packs come from Cisco Systems (CSCO), EMC (EMC), HyTrust, NetApp (NTAP), NetFlow Logic, Puppet Labs and VCE.

With these additions, VMware is aiming to take a leading position in log analytics. The company noted in its announcement that machine-generated log data "contains valuable operational and diagnostics details regarding IT infrastructure" that can help identify and troubleshoot IT problems. By adding more content packs from vendors, VMware is scaling out its ability to help its customers and channel partners troubleshoot IT problems in virtualized and cloud environments.

Eric Chiu, president and founder of HyTrust, which specializes in cloud control, noted vCenter Log Insight's ability to enable "complete operational visibility" in VMware environments.

"For joint customers, this means a very high level of centralized visibility and transparency into their security and compliance postures," Chiu said in a prepared statement.

According to VMware, the vCenter Log Insight content packs are easy to develop and use, so it's likely we'll see further announcements in time. VMware has plenty of technology partners that could create content packs for vCenter Log Insight—many of which will soon be packing up and heading off to VMworld 2013. Keep an eye on Talkin' Cloud for coverage of VMworld, which kicks off in a week.

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