VMTurbo Operations Manager Certified on VCE Vblock

VMTurbo Operations Manager Certified on VCE Vblock

VMTurbo Operations Manager has been certified on VCE's Vblock, which is backed by VMware, Cisco and EMC. This provides another tool in the kit for channel partners building Vblock-based clouds and virtualized environments.

Cloud builders that use VCE Vblock as the central piece to their cloud puzzle have a new tool available in their kits. VMTurbo, which makes intelligent workload management software for cloud and virtualized environments, has managed to receive VCE Vblock Ready certification for its VMTurbo Operations Manager.

According to VMTurbo, its technology provides a cloud-scale control plane capable of continuously identifying and automating resource allocation and workload placement decisions, but it also keeps in mind technical and business constraints so it can optimize performance and maximize utilization. Now the technology is officially available for use on Vblock systems.

For channel partners that build clouds and virtualized environments on Vblock, this could provide them with a way to better manage the operations of the cloud and virtualized infrastructure -- something that differs greatly from the operations management of traditional IT infrastructure.

"Service level assurance is at the heart of CSC's value proposition to enterprise cloud customers and VMTurbo's intelligent placement of workloads and ability to allocate resources based on application performance and business priorities enables us to provide reliable cloud services," said Eli Almog, chief technology officer for CSC Cloud Services, a global provider of technology solutions and services, in a prepared statement.

Through Operations Manager, VCE channel partners will have an automated control system to ensure quality of service and resource utilization goals set by the partner and customer are met.

VMTurbo launched 3.1 and 3.2 updates to Operations Manager in 2012. The last update provided greater intelligence, automation and control, and more holistic and granular controls for distributed multisite operations. The 3.2 update was intended to give cloud service providers using Operations Manager more options for onboarding application workloads and extending capabilities across additional cloud systems.

Previously, back in 2011 (at least three failed apocalypses ago), VMTurbo also launched Cloud Operations Manager, a product designed to orchestrate across layers of the cloud stack, from the infrastructure to the services.

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