Tier 3 Launches New Self-Service Networking Features

Tier 3 Launches New Self-Service Networking Features

Public cloud infrastructure and cloud management solutions provider Tier 3 is aiming to enable cloud end users with more self-service options. The company's latest release rolls out new self-service cloud networking features across its federated network of nine data centers around the globe.

Tier 3 has released new self-service cloud networking capabilities across its federated network of nine data centers. The goal of the new capabilities is to provide enterprises with the ability to manage cloud deployments more efficiently and with less manual effort to get all of the benefits promised by cloud computing.

As Richard Seroter, senior product manager at Tier 3, told Talkin' Cloud, Tier 3 is intent on helping IT to focus on value-added operations instead of being stuck doing day-to-day mundane operations, giving IT a more strategic business value as the nature of IT continues to change and shift more and more to the cloud. Additionally, customers are telling him that they are beginning to build more sophisticated cloud environments that aren't strictly focused on development and testing.

Instead, as the enterprise continues to adopt cloud to run a variety of enterprise workloads, they need solutions that will enable them to build sophisticated, enterprise-class cloud networks. By providing those capabilities, it will make it easier for businesses to migrate to the cloud, Seroter said.

With new self-service enhancements for enterprises, Tier 3 is aiming to provide its customers, as well as the customers of its growing network of channel partners, to get the self-service benefits of cloud. And according to Seroter, the company's channel partners played a huge role in the development and launch of these new capabilities.

"We're trying to make sure we're streamlining and automating things they're used to doing that we often automate in our back-end, but we're going to expose it to our customers, as well," Seroter told Talkin' Cloud.

For partners, especially, the new self-service options will be of huge benefit, he said. With more self-service functions there comes a corresponding decrease in support tickets for operations teams. The end result? Servicing customers becomes more economical.

Tier 3 has monthly releases for its infrastructure and cloud management offerings. Expect more features to be added in about a month's time.

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