StrikeIron IronCloud Launches at Gartner Summit

StrikeIron IronCloud Launches at Gartner Summit

StrikeIron announced general availability of its IronCloud at the Gartner Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit.

API management and cloud-based data solutions vendor StrikeIron has launched a fully-hosted API management platform in the cloud. Dubbed IronCloud, the cloud-based platform was previously only available to StrikeIron's partners and early adopters, but now the cloud service is available more generally.

With the launch of the GA version of IronCloud, StrikeIron has added a new front-end user interface, as well as new management console support. The purpose of the software is to enable partners and customers to monetize their data and digital assets through APIs. That, according to the company, is done through enabling clients to host digital assets and software, and then access them across any system, including web, mobile apps, customer relationship management software, SaaS apps and on-premise solutions.

"Our own managed API product offerings are provided through IronCloud," said Sean O'Leary, president and CEO of StrikeIron, in a prepared statement. "StrikeIron is the only API management company that has dedicated the last decade to monetizing data and digital assets via APIs. This new public release of the IronCloud platform enables businesses to share their digital assets with their customers quickly, securely, and reliably."

One of the big selling points the company is pushing is the ability for business operations and IT departments to work together to create cloud-based APIs "that establish new value for their existing digital assets and software." Through the management console, IT departments and channel partners have end-user access control, flexible billing options, usage analysis, security settings, account management (including trials and revocation), automated usage tracking and throttling.

The platform isn't exactly new. It celebrated its tenth birthday this year. But the model has certainly changed, in that StrikeIron is much more cloud-focused today. The company has also continued to add new features.

Originally, StrikeIron was designed to host the company's own enterprise-grade, data-quality APIs for its enterprise customers, but it has expanded its business over the years.

Another important note is that StrikeIron claims 99.999 percent service uptime.

For partners, the opportunity looks to be around not only the sale of the offering, but also in providing value around it, including managing API libraries for customers.

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