SnapLogic Update Improves Data Provisioning in SaaS Apps

SnapLogic Update Improves Data Provisioning in SaaS Apps

The latest version of SnapLogic was designed to help enterprises improve data provisioning in SaaS applications while also increasing greater agility with SnapStores.

SnapLogic has released an update to its SnapLogic Integration Platform enterprise platform. New and enhanced features in this release were designed to enable users to more quickly build, deploy and efficiently manage multiple high-volume, data-intensive integration projects.

Key features in this release revolve around helping enterprises improve data provisioning in their SaaS and on-premise apps while also increasing agility by enabling private enterprise SnapStores, according to the company.

The new features include:

  • SnapStore has been expanded to now include 150 connects (or Snaps, as the company calls them). Using SnapStore, IT departments and implementation partners are now able to maintain their own repositories. Private SnapStores can be integrated with the SnapLogic Designer so IT users can download, install and upgrade the Snaps they select for inclusion.
  • SnapLogic Designer has been updated to include new time-saving capabilities for integration developers, including the ability to view server-side logs, preview large unstructured data records and browse the server's file system. Pre-built integration components and added support for various data formats also have been included.
  • The SnapLogic management console has been updated to improve visibility so administrators or service providers can monitor and manage integrations across the enterprise.
  • Support of unstructured and streaming data management to help enterprises integrating data from the cloud to on-premise systems.
  • Improved security with more support for token-based authentication, encrypted login credentials, single sign-ons and protocols such as secure FTP.

"Enterprises need to manage significantly larger volumes of data than they have in the past, and they need faster, easier ways of doing this. Our customers have increased the velocity of their integrations by a factor of 10, scaling their usage of SnapLogic in their organizations," said Zeb Mahmood, SnapLogic's principal of product and strategy, in a prepared statement. "Our latest release delivers several new designer and server enhancements, which further reduce the time needed to build, maintain and monitor integrations across the enterprise."

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