RightScale Launches Cloud Analytics Management Offering Photo by Stuart Isett/Fortune Brainstorm TECH. Licensed under Creative Commons.

RightScale Launches Cloud Analytics Management Offering

RightScale has introduced Cloud Analytics, a multi-cloud cost management offering that integrates with the company's cloud management platform.

RightScale is making good use out of PlanForCloud.com, an Edinburgh, Scotland-based cloud startup company it acquired last year.

PlanForCloud.com is a free service that organizations can use to calculate the total overall costs of cloud services and deployments. RightScale noted that PlanForCloud.com will remain a free service, but it's using that underlying technology in its new Cloud Analytics enterprise-grade cloud management offering. RightScale describes the new offering as a "multi-cloud cost management solution that integrates with a cloud management platform to enable users to take action on insights and implement budget controls."

Sounds like a good idea. One of the biggest benefits organizations are realizing from the cloud is reduced costs, but having some way to actually calculate the total cost of ownership and get some real insight into what exactly is costing how much goes a long way to keeping those costs as low as possible.

"The vast majority of enterprises today have a multi-cloud strategy that encompasses public, private and hybrid clouds. Our vision for acquiring PlanForCloud.com was to provide organizations with a complete solution to effectively and efficiently manage their portfolio of applications across their portfolio of clouds," said Michael Crandell, CEO of RightScale, in a prepared statement. "With Cloud Analytics, we are extending our suite of products to address the business need for optimizing cloud usage. Cloud Analytics enables technical, business, and financial managers to get actionable information that enables successful and cost-effective cloud adoption."

It strikes me as a potentially powerful tool for the channel partners and cloud brokerage firms who are helping end-customer organizations to get the most out of the cloud.

Cloud Analytics provides customers with integration with RightScale Cloud Management, multi-cloud visibility, forecasting and scenario planning, cost optimization features, and governance capabilities.

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