Rackspace Launches OpenCenter on Private Cloud Software Photo by Scott Beale. Licensed under Creative Commons.

Rackspace Launches OpenCenter on Private Cloud Software

Rackspace has updated its OpenStack-powered Private Cloud Software with new features, including OpenCenter, which it's billing as a single interface for deploying, configuring and operating clouds at scale in an enterprise data center.

Rackspace (NYSE: RAX) has launched a major upgrade to its Private Cloud Software, an OpenStack-powered solution for enterprise private clouds. The biggest new feature is OpenCenter, which Rackspace is touting as a "single interface for deploying, configuring and operating clouds at scale in an enterprise data center."

OpenCenter is essentially a centralized graphical user interface and API that was designed to simplify and automate the operational activities connected to deploying, configuring and operating private clouds. According to Jim Curry, senior vice president and general manager of Rackspace Private Cloud, the new OpenCenter platform provides customers with a user interface and orchestration tool for private clouds.

"This paves the way for Rackspace to bring its continuous integration and deployment expertise from the public cloud arena into private enterprise datacenters," Curry said in a prepared statement. "We are taking our own solid technology practices forward into private open cloud backed by Fanatical Support."

Additionally, Rackspace has made two other major enhancements to the software. The first is connected to OpenCenter, in that the new tool provides API or point-and-click deployment and management of high availability environments for OpenStack controller nodes, improving uptime and reducing business risk. The other major update is support for different host operating systems, which now includes Ubuntu, Red Hat (NYSE: RHT) Enterprise Linux  and CentOS. The support will enable organizations to use any of the three operating systems in their Rackspace Private Cloud deployments.

These new capabilities will give cloud builders new tools and additional flexibility in deploying Rackspace Private Cloud Software when building private clouds for either their customers'  or their own environments. Additionally, it gives partners the ability to bring DevOps capabilities to private cloud environments.

"The Rackspace Private Cloud Software gives us more choices on how to best manage our cloud environment and bring DevOps capabilities to our customers. We can either leverage Rackspace to support our environment when needed or have them completely operate it for us—on or off premise," said Juan Caceres, services director at JC Global Resources, in a prepared statement.

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