Open-Xchange Launches OX App Suite for Consistent Cloud Experience Photo by BloomThink. Licensed under Creative Commons.

Open-Xchange Launches OX App Suite for Consistent Cloud Experience

Mobile app communication and collaboration software provider Open-Xchange has launched a community version of OX App Suite, designed to provide a consistent experience across devices with improved performance.

Open-Xchange, a provider of communication and collaboration software for mobile apps, will begin deploying its new OX App Suite through cloud service providers in the new year (assuming nobody else on the Internet is predicting the end of the world).

The new "community version" of OX App Suite will provide a set of applications supporting easy management of email, contacts, calendars, media and documents, as well as optimizing workflow and productivity. According to Open-Xchange, the new OX App Suite integrates a variety of cloud and social media platforms, including Google Gmail, Hotmail, Facebook and LinkedIn to help end-users benefit from "intuitive" communication and sharing across various devices.

For cloud service providers, this hopefully means an extra revenue stream that helps their end user customers tie together communication and sharing across devices in a secure and central storage service.

"Now more than ever before, there's a need to regain control over our digital lives, which for many have become unmanageable. No matter how fragmented our life may be on the Internet, OX App Suite returns to users what matters most—a connected and productive experience," said Rafael Laguna, Open-Xchange CEO, in a prepared statement.

Cloud providers can use Open-Xchange's software to set up on-premise installations to deliver a cloud service. Open-Xchange has so far targeted educational institutions, public sector organizations and small and medium enterprises, and, according to the company, its software is used by more than 60 million users.

Open-Xchange plans to work with cloud service providers to deploy the first OX App Suite implementations during the first quarter of Q1 2013. A commercial version will follow in March 2013.

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