Internap Provides Remote Visibility and Management With "Cloudy Colo" Offering

Internap Provides Remote Visibility and Management With "Cloudy Colo" Offering

Internap is introducing cloud-like remote visibility and management features to its colocation customer with the intention of removing the siloed approach that separates cloud and colo data centers.

A new customer portal from Internap Network Services is meant to remove the silos that exist between cloud and colocation services. The "cloud colo" capabilities, as Internap is calling them, aim to provide "cloud-like remote visibility and management benefits" for the company's colocation customers while also enabling on-demand hybridization of cloud and colo footprints within the data center.

As Internap explained in its announcement, as cloud adoption grows, colocation will continue to be a critical element of IT infrastructure for organizations that have an interest in retaining control and ownership of their compute, storage and network equipment. That's not going to be everybody, but there are enough organizations that don't want to shift control of their infrastructure over to a third party.

According to Internap, traditional colocation lacks the transparency and automation of cloud services, which presents a challenge in getting a holistic view of the entire environment. Additionally, colocation services also typically lack the scale-out and bursting capabilities customers have come to expect in cloud.

Internap's solution to this problem? "Cloud colo" capabilities that extend the visibility and scalability of cloud to colocation through a customer portal. The portal includes four key features:

  • Inventory management with integrated support tracking so customer can review their colocation footprints, check device power status and create alerts, deploy device-level inventory tracking and management, and open support tickets.
  • Power utilization monitoring and management so customers can view circuit-level power utilization trends, remotely reboot or power down configured devices without incurring extra charges, and access and view log files of all initiated power actions.
  • Environmental and bandwidth monitoring so customers can view rack-level temperature and humidity conditions, track IP traffic and conduct trend analyses, and capture and analyze device health and usage stats.
  • On-demand provisioning of hybrid services so customers can integrate management of colocation with the scale of cloud compute, bare metal and cloud storage assets.

The customer portal isn't quite ready for general availability, but it will be by the end of the second quarter. Currently, it's in limited release for Internap Labs customers. By the end of Q2, it will be available in Internap's Los Angeles, Santa Clara and Dallas data centers, with additional data centers gaining the functionality by the end of the calendar year.

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