Infor Launches UpgradeX Cloud Migration Program

Infor Launches UpgradeX Cloud Migration Program

Infor is hoping to make it easier for potential customers to move their on-premise applications to its Business Cloud offering. The business software provider launched UpgradeX, which it's calling a simple and predictable path to the cloud.

Infor is trying to make it easier for potential customers to migrate their existing on-premise applications to Infor Business Cloud with the launch of UpgradeX, which the company calls "a simple and predictable path" for apps cloud migration.

As a provider of business application software, Infor has positioned its cloud offerings as portable and secure business SaaS and IaaS solutions that provide choice in how data and apps are deployed. The company also has a public sector cloud offering that was developed to help government agencies and departments work with shrinking IT budgets.

With UpgradeX, Infor is promising many of the common benefits associated with cloud computing—reduced costs and risks—while also noting the migration solution was designed to minimize the disruption that on-premise deployments typically create.

"Business today moves extremely fast; companies running software that is six, eight, 10 years old are struggling to keep pace and putting themselves at risk," said Stephan Scholl, president of Infor, in a prepared statement. "Infor today has the social, mobile, cloud and analytical tools to help businesses thrive, so we've created the UpgradeX program to enable them to move more quickly and cost-effectively from an old on-premise deployment to a modern application in the cloud, where Infor will also handle maintenance, support and upgrades."

Infor is also taking specific vertical applications into account with "deep micro-vertical capabilities" that make it easier to migrate to its cloud.

At the same time as Infor announced UpgradeX, it unveiled a new cloud-based ecommerce platform. Infor Rhythm offers customers storefronts, product configuration, recommendations, upsell and cross-sell opportunities, pre-packaged ION integrations to order management, natural language search, content management, layout and predictive analytics features and functionality.

Since it's a cloud service, Rhythm is sold as a monthly subscription. Infor has plans to extend the Rhythm product line next year.

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