GroundWork Monitor Core for Red Hat Linux Goes Live on AWS Marketplace Photo by Matt McGee of Flickr. Licensed under Creative Commons.

GroundWork Monitor Core for Red Hat Linux Goes Live on AWS Marketplace

GroundWork, which provides a platform for hybrid virtualization and cloud monitoring, has launched its GroundWork Monitor Core for Red Hat Enterprise Linux on the Amazon Web Services Marketplace.

GroundWork has launched a version of its hybrid cloud monitoring tool running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (NYSE: RHT) onto the Amazon Web Services Marketplace (NASDAQ: AMZN). Available now, GroundWork Monitor Core was designed to communicate across multiple cloud and virtualization platforms to provide enterprises with the ability to monitor what's going on in their environments.

The company specializes in providing an open platform for hybrid virtualization and cloud computing monitoring, and it has been working with the channel for some time now. Designed for enterprises, its new AWS offering should provide the channel with a new tool to provide value-added services to enterprises customers. Monitoring is a critical part of ensuring cloud performance, and that's where GroundWork's platform can come in handy.

GroundWork doesn't strictly focus on Linux, though. Through the version launched on AWS, partners will be able to monitor both Linux and Windows environments, as well as applications and databases, from the software. Better yet, it's free to Amazon EC2 users, so there's not even a cost to play. Solutions providers and cloud providers should be able to find new opportunities in helping customers ensure their clouds and virtualization deployments are running at the desired level.

"GroundWork Monitor is unified monitoring for real, able to monitor hybrid cloud environments, as well as traditional datacenters," said David Dennis,vice president of marketing and business development at GroundWork, in a prepared statement. "By collaborating with Amazon Web Services and Red Hat, we're able to bring our free GroundWork Monitor Core offering to Amazon EC2 users of Marketplace who wish to monitor hybrid cloud environments with the benefits of Red Hat Enterprise Linux."

There's an opportunity for ISVs and developers to use the software in taking Red Hat Enterprise Linux to the AWS cloud.

Specific features include:

  • The ability to communicate with multiple clouds and virtualization platforms, including Amazon EC2, Eucalyptus, VMware vSphere and Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization.
  • Periodic queries to virtualization and cloud management systems to detect changes in the environment.
  • Monitoring of both Linux and Windows, as well as applications and databases.
  • The improvement of performance, reliability and security. This last benefit is attributed to running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, but the real gains will be from being proactive and monitoring the environment for signs of trouble before there's a meltdown.

GroundWork Monitor Core for Red Hat Linux is now available on the AWS Marketplace.

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