Global Cloud Services Broker Market Up, Says TechNavio

Global Cloud Services Broker Market Up, Says TechNavio

TechNavio has penned a report that shows the emergence of interopability standards and the necessity for cloud services brokerage firms.

The global cloud services brokage market is expected to continue through to 2016. According to TechNavio, the typical analyst forecast indicates growth of the cloud services brokerage market worlwide at 75.06 percent.

Cloud research into what's hot and what's not is always interested, and according to the TechNavio piece of paper, some of the key vendors dominating the market include Capgemini S A., Dell, IBM, Jamcracker and Liaison Technologies. That list is certainly not without its big pains, but the report rounded out the list of providers with Origo Networks, SnapLogic, Besol Solutions, CommonIT, Parallels, SolveDirect, Standing Cloud, Amalto Technologies, Axedo, Cordys, E2open, GCommerce and GXS.

What does all this mean?

According to the TechNavio team, "The increase in the complexity of the network infrastructure and the increasing demands from enterprises are leading to a more complex solution being implemented in enterprise networks. The cloud computing market is witnessing the implementation of interoperability among multiple platforms. The cloud computing application developers, cloud integrators, cloud services brokers, and enterprises are together standardizing on common protocols for integration and interoperation among platforms. With these standards, enterprises are able to develop a common protocol through which data can be shared and manipulated and security measures can be implemented. Furthermore, the virtualization of cloud data center components is increasing the productivity of the network infrastructure.''

One of the major drivers of cloud computing is the increase in issues in vendor management, which is where the cloud services broker can play a pivotal role in helping customers deal with the increasing complexity and confusion of the cloud services market. As networks continue to grow more complex, the cloud services broker is playing a critical role in the vetting of services and the provision of a variety of cloud services to clients that need more than one provider can handle.

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