Dimension Data Speeds App Performance with WAN Optimization Photo by Lawrence Berkley. Licensed under Creative Commons.

Dimension Data Speeds App Performance with WAN Optimization

Dimension Data has introduced WAN optimization across its global cloud data centers to boost customers' application performance.

Dimension Data has implemented WAN optimization technology across its entire global cloud data center to speed up application performance for its customers.

According to the ICT solutions and services provider, the deployment of WAN optimization controller appliances across its Managed Cloud Platform cloud data centers, the company has "significantly" increased application performance across its entire cloud around the world. Customers use Dimension Data's cloud for database replication, file synchronization, and backup and disaster recovery between data centers, and the company noted improved performance across the cloud.

The appliances were rolled out in the cloud data centers in San Jose, California and Ashburn, Virginia in the U.S.; Amsterstam in The Netherlands; Sydney, Australia; and Johannesburg, South Africa. To keep things secure, Dimension Data set up the system to encrypt data over a VPN tunnel and optimized for delivery using deduplication and application-specific protocol optimization.

"With the addition of WAN optimization capabilities, we are helping our clients overcome the latency and bandwidth constraints often associated with public cloud services,” said Steve Nola, CEO of Dimension Data's Cloud Solutions Business Unit, in a prepared statement.

He added, "By providing optimal network and cloud performance, in addition to flexibility and ease of use, we provide organizations the ability to speed the process of migrating their data and applications to the cloud."

As one of the key concerns over cloud computing from those who haven't yet bought into the concept, the implementation of WAN optimization appliances in cloud data centers might help ease businesses stalling on making cloud decisions into the cloud realm a bit more quickly. The technologies can have a significant impact on application performance in the enterprise.

"By enabling WAN optimization between its cloud data centers, Dimension Data is offering organizations the ability to increase the performance of key data center applications, such as database replication and backup and recovery, while bringing WAN optimization into the public cloud as a standard feature," said Jim Metzler, founder and vice president of IT consulting company Ashton, Metzler & Associates, in a prepared statement.

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