Cyber Innovation Labs, NEC Partner for Big Data Solution Deployment

Cyber Innovation Labs, NEC Partner for Big Data Solution Deployment

Cyber Innovations Labs and NEC working together to use Cloud in a Vault for the deployment of the next generation of Big Data solutions.

Cyber Innovation Labs and NEC have partnered to deploy the next generation of Big Data solutions. Using Cyber Innovations Labs' Cloud in a Vault (CiaV) offering and NEC's Nblock integrated IT infrastructure, the two companies are aiming to help enterprises deploy Big Data solutions.

IaaS provider Cyber Innovation Labs' CiaV offering is a dedicated, fully managed and scalable private cloud that takes NEC's Nblock IT infrastructure and combines it with security, compliance and monitoring in a hosted environment. According to the two companies, this enables organizations to "quickly and easily align business projects with infrastructure costs by allowing them to consume only the infrastructure they need, incurring only monthly operational expenses and zero capital expenses for equipment."

The joint solution has been designed to be ideal for processing, delivering and archiving of Big Data sets.

"Cloud in a Vault not only addresses the Big Data demands of companies within the financial, healthcare, legal, government and educational verticals, but also fulfills their requirements for enterprise security, audit, compliance, ease of use, interoperability and budget," said Jack Pressman, CEO and managing director of Cyber Innovation Labs, in a prepared statement.

According to Pressman, CiaV plays a critical role in capturing, storing and retrieving Big Data sets as a scalable, high availability platform 1PB to 100PB Big Data applications. Because it's cloud-based, there is no upfront capital investment. Instead, it's a fully managed cloud offering that Pressman stated brings the price per petabyte below other comparable products in the industry.

"Traditional platforms require manual intervention in order to enable the recovery and use of data sets in a disaster situation. With Cloud in a Vault, disaster recovery is already inherent in the platform, enabling instantaneous access to that data," said William Michael, director of business development for NEC, in a prepared statement.

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