Badgeville Gamification Platform Integrates with Adobe Marketing Cloud Photo by Sezzles of Flickr. Licensed under Creative Commons.

Badgeville Gamification Platform Integrates with Adobe Marketing Cloud

Badgeville has released a version of its gamification platform for Adobe Marketing Cloud to provide digital marketers and analytics professionals with a way to measure and optimize customer behavior.

Gamification and behavior management platform provider Badgeville is taking its gamification platform to Adobe (NASDAQ: ADBE) Marketing Cloud, a cloud service designed for digital marketers and analytics professionals to help them gain insight into customer behavior data and improve customer engagement.

With the Badgeville gamification platform, Adobe Marketing Cloud users will be able to gain further insights into customer behavior. According to the company, the platform will help marketers understand and influence customer behavior occurring across all of their digital touchpoints—from websites to mobile applications to online stores to communities.

Gamification is increasingly getting a lot of notice within the technology sector. Based on the idea of applying game-thinking and game mechanics to non-game functions, gamification's intent is to engage users and then work to solve problems.

Badgeville for Adobe Marketing Cloud is a pre-built offering that was designed to eliminate the need for marketers to manually integrate customer behavioral data in the analytics platform. Instead, it automates much of the process and crunches data to understand "what their customers are doing before and after a purchase, providing valuable trend analysis based on user behavior."

The offering features integrations into three Marketing Cloud portfolio products: The SiteCatalyst pre-built connector is enabled via Genesis Labs. The Test&Target Integration Blueprint provides step-by-step guidance for testing Badgeville Engagement Mechanics across different customers audiences. And the Recommendations Integration Blueprint is a step-by-step guidance to display product recommendations based on how engaged users are.

"By marrying Badgeville's Behavior Data with SiteCatalyst's key online marketing metrics, brands can create a more comprehensive picture of their most engaged customers and design experiences to create more of them," said Kris Duggan, CEO of Badgeville, in a prepared statement. "Badgeville has driven significant increases in engagement for world-class brands, and we look forward to partnering with more of Adobe's visionary customers to help them increase customer adoption, social loyalty and conversions across their digital landscape."

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