AVG Unveils CloudCare 2.1 at CES, Tops 1,000 Resellers

AVG Unveils CloudCare 2.1 at CES, Tops 1,000 Resellers

AVG announced an update to its CloudCare small-business IT management platform at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

More than 1,000 resellers have signed up to use AVG CloudCare to manage customer endpoints, according to the company. With that milestone, AVG is launching an update of CloudCare, which takes the small-business IT management platform another step forward with additional protection, flexibility and management enhancements.

Unveiled at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, CloudCare Version 2.1 has several enhancements, including:

  • Business-strength AVG 2013 antivirus technology with real-time updates and automated upgrades to protect against emerging threats.
  • Improved AVG Content Filtering with one-click scheduling options that allow customers to fine-tune web access according to the work schedules of different groups and individuals.
  • The ability to upgrade or transfer customers. With a simple check-in-a-box, older versions of AVG and/or a number of alternative security brands can be removed and replaced remotely with the latest AVG protection.
  • Remote virus vault management. CloudCare 2.1 has the ability to manage virus vault contents on selected devices and device groups and across entire organizations remotely. Infected files can be deleted, healed and restored at the click of a button.

AVG CloudCare was designed to provide resellers and managed service providers (MSPs) focused on the small-business market with a free, cloud-based administration platform. Using CloudCare, resellers and MSPs can remotely deploy and manage AVG's antivirus and content filtering products using a single console.

Another element of CloudCare is the beta version of AVG Remote IT, which is another free tool for resellers to remotely access and troubleshoot issues on customers' devices from anywhere.

CloudCare launched in October 2012. According to AVG, the platform was created to help resellers solve two key problems: their customers' expectations often exceeding their willingness to pay for services and the lack of tools available for small businesses (most are for enterprises, AVG noted).

"Small-business owners already have enough to think about without having to deal with complicated IT administration. Now, AVG CloudCare allows them—through their preferred IT provider—to have managed, pay-as-you-go IT services so they can fully concentrate on their businesses, knowing their IT is in good hands," said AVG CEO JR Smith in a prepared statement during CloudCare's fall launch.

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