Aryaka Cloud Network-as-a-Service Simplifies Cloud Access

Aryaka Cloud Network-as-a-Service Simplifies Cloud Access

Aryaka has launched Network-as-a-Service, a new offering designed to optimize and simplify access to both public and private cloud services, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps.

Are your customers experiencing access issues when they connect to private and public clouds? If so, Aryaka may have a solution for you. The vendor, which specializes in WAN optimization as a service and application delivery as a service, is diving into the cloud network-as-a-service market with an offering designed to optimize and simplify access to both public and private clouds.

Aryaka Cloud Network-as-a-Service is intended to help solve some of the accessibility and optimization issues found in cloud services such as Microsoft (MSFT) Office 365, Google (GOOG) Apps and Amazon (AMZN) Web Services. Aryaka called out those three by name, but the company noted those are only examples. It's not an exhaustive list, by any means.

The solution aims to provide customers with a uniform, private, low latency network experience within the enterprise, no matter where the cloud service or end user is physically located. According to Aryaka, the geographic dispersion of cloud services and their end users can result in latency and congestion during peak usage hours, but Cloud Network-as-a-Service bypasses the typical pathways that end users and cloud services use to communicate with each other (a.k.a., the public Internet).

Aryaka claims to deliver fast, consistent and enterprise-wide access over a private network to cloud data and and cloud services in locations "that were previously too beleaguered by latency." Although that immediately suggests to me a technology for use in emerging markets, there are certainly markets even in North America that are lacking in the most efficient Internet connections that could also make use of the service.

"As storage and compute continue to move to the cloud and companies become increasingly distributed, high-performance connectivity across all global locations, including cloud instances, becomes essential. That is why the network is the crucial element for cloud success,” said Ajit Gupta, president and CEO of Aryaka, in a prepared statement. "Aryaka's Cloud Network as-a-service allows any location to quickly access any application, whether on premise or in the cloud, across one platform."

According to Aryaka, it is already seeing demand from a variety of customers, and early deployments have shown customers benefiting from an average of 8x faster access to the cloud.

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