Amazon Web Services Provides More Detailed Billing to Customers Photo by 401K of Flickr. Licensed under Creative Commons.

Amazon Web Services Provides More Detailed Billing to Customers

Amazon Web Services stated on its blog that it has been listening to customer concerns over not having more detailed billing for AWS services. Now the company is making good by providing detailed billing data.

Amazon Web Services (NASDAQ: AMZN) is getting a bit detailed in its billing data following requests from customers for "better access to more detailed data," according to the company.

This follows on announcements from earlier this year in which Amazon launches Programmatic Access to AWS Billing Data and AWS Billing Alerts. In those two cases, Amazon introduced features that provided more detail into cloud billing, as well as the ability to more accurately predict costs based on usage. Customers got the ability to estimate their bills, and now Amazon is launching AWS Detailed Billing Reports.

Announced on the Amazon Web Services blog, Detailed Billing Reports are designed to provide new reports with hourly line items. Customers using a combination of on-demand and reserved instances "will now be able to ensure that you have enough reserved instances to meet your capacity requirements for any given hour," the blog noted.

Amazon also has built in a few features to make it easier for customers to track and manage the costs associated with their reserved instances when they use the new Detailed Billing Reports feature in conjunction with AWS Consolidated Billing. The blog noted that the report "provides an additional allocation model for linked accounts, with two key features -- RI Affinity and Unblended Rates," which it explained as such:

  • With RI Affinity, the allocated benefit of the less expensive hourly rate for a reserved instance is now prioritized to the linked account that purchased the RI first.
  • Currently, the consolidated bill uses a blended rate (the average of on demand, free usage tier and reserved instance) when allocating costs to linked accounts. The detailed billing report will continue to include blended rate and cost information, but will now be supplemented with unblended rate and cost as additional columns.

Essentially, AWS Detailed Billing Reports breaks billing and estimated billing down on an hourly basis, giving customers an even more granual report on their usage and the associated costs. As AWS continues to break down billing, it should make it easier for customers and partners to determine costs and budget accordingly.

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