Amazon Cloud Monitoring: CloudCheckr, UX World Partner

Amazon Cloud Monitoring: CloudCheckr, UX World Partner

CloudCheckr and UX World are partnering to help customers monitoring and optimize Amazon cloud workloads. What's in it for partners?

CloudCheckr, which develops analytics solutions, is partnering with UX World to optimize the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure. The goal: Improving the availability and security of workloads running on AWS.

CloudCheckr, an Amazon Web Services Technology Partner, monitors the underlying AWS resources and configurations. UX World, on the other hand, responds to the cloud-specific problem of impermanent IP addresses for virtual servers.

"CloudCheckr and UX World share a common goal, lowering the barriers to cloud adoption," said CloudCheckr CTO and Co-Founder Aaron Newman. "Our respective solutions both address the complexity of maintaining uptime and enhancing security on cloud infrastructure."

Channel partners have a growing list of AWS and public cloud monitoring tools from which to choose -- including new options from Amazon and IBM. Amazon is testing an AWS Trusted Advisor Monitoring Tool. And IBM is promoting SmartCloud Monitoring Application Insight.

Talkin' Cloud started tracking at least 20 different cloud monitoring tools a few months ago, before extending that tools list in December 2012.

The big challenge for most channel partners: Finding a single tool set and a single dashboard for monitoring both on-premises and cloud-based workloads.


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