Actian Launches Elastic, Cloud-Based Integration Platform

Actian Launches Elastic, Cloud-Based Integration Platform

Leveraging recent acquisitions, Big Data analytics vendor Actian has launched a new elastic, cloud-based platform that aims to integrate cloud and on-premise applications.

Actian has launched its a new elastic cloud platform that was designed to integrate cloud and on-premises applications while providing robust data quality and other data services. The DataCloud platform and another new offering, the ParAccel Big Data Analytics Platform, were built using acquired technology from ParAccel, Pervasive Software and Versant.

The vendor is focused on the Big Data analytics space, but with DataCloud, it is aiming to provide "invisible integration" to provide a variety of data and application integration services in the cloud. Customers get a choice of three tiers:

  • Invisible Connect provides pre-built one-click integration between existing SaaS or on-premises applications.
  • Basic Connect provides pre-packaged apps, maps and data services that let business users conduct self-serve mapping between targeted files or applications through a three-step user interface while masking data integration complexities.
  • Advanced Connect was designed to provide enterprise-grade, sophisticated, scalable data integration, data profiling and data matching capabilities that can scale and perform with the agility to accommodate rapidly proliferating and evolving data sources.

"To win in the age of data, organizations must become action-enabled enterprises with access to unconstrained analytics and frictionless data integration. Our modular approach delivers the quickest time to value with phenomenal scalability to future-proof your business," said Steve Shine, Actian CEO, in a prepared statement.

DataCloud was designed to provide end-to-end capabilities, from data connection through preparation and analytics to automated action.

With its new ParAccel Big Data Analytics Platform, the company is aiming to provide "unconstrained analytics." It's lumped together the key benefits in three categories:

  • High-speed execution for data provisioning, data discovery and native Hadoop analytics, taking the processing to where the data lives.
  • Expanded analytic libraries that enable rapid deployment of highly targeted analytics for specific requirements, including customer segmentation, fraud prevention, risk and digital marketing optimization.
  • A highly scalable platform that addresses a continuum of analytics needs from startups and mid-market to large-scale enterprises.

And there are bound to be opportunities for partners, as Actian does indeed have a channel partner program. Actian works with an ecosystem of solution providers, system integrators, technology partners and strategic alliance partners to bring its products and cloud offerings to market.

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