Sharon Wagner CEO of Cloudyn

Sharon Wagner, CEO of Cloudyn

Cloudyn Unveils Enterprise Cost Allocation Tool for Tracking Cloud Costs

Cloud monitoring and optimization vendor Cloudyn has introduced a new cost allocation and tracking tool to help enterprise customers better manage the costs of their various cloud services.

Cloudyn, which specializes in cloud monitoring and optimization tools, has released Cost Allocation 360°, which provides enterprises with "complete management to track and allocate all cloud costs."

Cloudyn is one of a handful of vendors providing tools that help organizations determine the best way to launch services, whether they're on-premise, on particular public cloud infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) offerings or in a private cloud. The company has previously released cloud cost management tools for Amazon Web Services and Google Compute Engine, among others.

Cost Allocation 360° fulfills a similar role, but broadens the scope to track and allocate all cloud costs. According to the company, the tool is fully customizable and enables business units and project leaders to make custom definitions of cost entities (business units, sales regions, departments, etc.). The tool is also equipped with flexible and comprehensive cost category creation, including a tagging function, that Cloudyn noted provides effective measuring and reporting on metrics.

"We're thrilled to provide our customers with an invaluable tool that delivers cloud veterans greater time savings and control over their cloud deployments and, as a complement to our flagship optimization tool, brings significant cost savings to the table. This industry-first tool we’ve introduced underscores our commitment to supporting our customers' needs and reflects our leadership in continually raising the industry standard around cloud optimization," said Sharon Wagner, CEO of Cloudyn, in a prepared statement.

The tool integrates and analyzes cloud cost information. It supports a wide range of cloud deployments models, including single, hybrid and multi-cloud deployments, as well as clouds run by Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google (GOOG) and those based on OpenStack.

Cloudyn has made a limited time free trial available for enterprises that wish to use it, but it also seems like a useful tool for cloud-focused channel partners, which could use it to aid their larger customers in making the right decisions for how and where to deploy applications.

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