GoGrid Unveils Blueprints for Simplifying Cloud Deployments

GoGrid Unveils Blueprints for Simplifying Cloud Deployments

GoGrid is hoping to make it easier for organizations and developers to test and deploy cloud applications to one or multiple clouds by releasing the blueprints of its 1-Button Deploy solutions.

In an effort to make it easier to test and deploy applications to one or multiple clouds, open data services providers GoGrid is releasing the blueprints for its 1-Button Deploy solutions on OpenOrchestration.org.

According to the company, the release of the blueprint will provide enterprises with the ability to quickly and easily evaluate and run best-of-breed open source Big Data solutions. To kick things off, the blueprints will include four of its orchestration products, including those based on Cassandra, Hadoop, MongoDB and Riak.

GoGrid noted that members of the Open Orchestration community will be able to take and modify the blueprints to use GoGrid-powered orchestration to test and deploy "any technology solution to a single cloud, multiple clouds and even on-premise."

"The mission of OpenOrchestration.Org is to enable a thriving community that creates, deploys and manages automated solutions leveraging multiple tools, technologies, applications and clouds," said John Keagy, CEO of GoGrid, in a prepared statement. "GoGrid is launching and sponsoring the site because orchestrated solutions are a necessary evolution of the marketplace in the face of dominance by one or two large commodity cloud services. Orchestration makes cutting-edge technologies easy to consume, such as the Big Data technologies in the open data services category pioneered by GoGrid. Solutions are an essential way to deliver more value and own the complete value stack as opposed to just commoditizing the building blocks. Perhaps most important, orchestrated solutions finally deliver on the promise of cloud interoperability that is critical to the future of the non-commodity clouds."

It's another example of a firm trying to make it easier to deploy apps to the cloud—something businesses of all sizes, as well as their partners, are taking advantage of in the constant migration to cloud computing technology.

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