Sharon Wagner CEO of Cloudyn

Sharon Wagner, CEO of Cloudyn

Cloudyn Adds Google Compute Engine Support

Cloudyn has extended support to Google Compute Engine for its cloud monitoring and optimization offerings.

Cloudyn is gearing up for the cloud platform war by covering as many bases as possible. Or so seems the case. The company noted a "looming cloud platform war" between Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Compute Engine (GCE) in its announcement.

The cloud monitoring and optimization solutions vendor has supported AWS for some time, and now it also supports GCE. This is Cloudyn's first expansion beyond AWS since the company was founded in 2011. Is Cloudyn hedging its bets in the battle between AWS and GCE or simply expanding to cover another growing public cloud computing platform?

Cloudyn's offering provides customers and partners with the ability to monitor, compare and optimize various cloud deployments and assets from a single access point. The product was designed so businesses can optimize deployments to reduce costs, achieve optimal operational performance and maximize cloud ROI.

"When we opened up our beta program, our customer base exhibited strong interest, with 35 percent asking to participate," said Sharon Wagner, CEO of Cloudyn, in a prepared statement. "We're very pleased to have extended our offering to support our customers and the slew of enterprises migrating their business to the cloud. Going forward, what we expect to unfold is akin to an 'Expedia for the cloud,' where real brokerage empowerment is taking hold and the best deals are offered between sellers and buyers."

Some of the features Cloudyn is touting include:

  • The ability to view cost and usage analytics in GCE, as well as the implications of changes on the deployment and financial/sizing optimizations.
  • Compare AWS and GCE deployments and get an idea of the costs of porting AWS EC2 deployments into GCE. Customers can run "what if?" scenarios based on cost, performance and location.
  • Get porting recommendations for migrating from AWS to GCE.
  • Expand to multiple cloud platforms through multi-cloud support.

The GCE monitoring product is available with a limited time free trial.

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