Capgemini, VMware Partner on Cloud Orchestration

Capgemini, VMware Partner on Cloud Orchestration

Capgemini and VMware have partnered to develop business cloud orchestration products in the hopes of speeding up the customer adoption of IT as a service.

Capgemini and VMware (VMW) have teamed up to provide business cloud orchestration services to customers. The two companies hope to accelerate the adoption of IT as a service (ITaaS) within their respective customer bases.

The deal will essentially build on Capgemini's service integration, aggregation and orchestration platform through VMware's cloud management services. The solutions that will be built under the partnership will aim to improve how customers manage cloud consumption across multiple providers and operators with a policy-based service provisioning, data sovereignty protection and improved time to value for cloud adoption. That's the plan, anyway.

The new partnership is really an extension of an existing partnership between VMware and Capgemini. The companies have collaborated on cloud services offerings over the last couple of years, and this new partnership extension will pair Capgemini's own orchestration tools with VMware's cloud management capabilities.

"Expanding our VMware partnership with the introduction of our new business cloud solution is a key part of our cloud orchestration strategy, allowing enterprises to better manage the complexity of their IT transformation journey," said Raf Howery, senior vice president and head of Infrastructure Strategy and Ecosystem at Capgemini, in a prepared statement. "It will enable them to transition to cloud with greater flexibility and simplicity and to obtain resources across legacy, public, private or hybrid environments. They will see an immediate business impact."

The first of the new solutions are intended to help enterprises simplify cloud management, maximize operational efficiency and increase the agility of both IT and business.

This partnership shows an opportunity for channel partners to work with their vendor partners to create cloud-related solutions that will be of interest to the end customer. By leveraging their own capabilities and technologies with those of their vendors, new solutions can be brought forward to capitalize on changes in the market.

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