OpenStack Financing: Mirantis Secures $10 Million From Dell, Intel, WestSummit Photo by AMagill of Flickr. Licensed under Creative Commons.

OpenStack Financing: Mirantis Secures $10 Million From Dell, Intel, WestSummit

Mirantis, a large OpenStack systems integrator, has found itself flush with cash after Dell Ventures, Intel Capital and WestSummit Capital agreed to pump $10 million into the company for continued expansion of its OpenStack business.

It looks like just about everyone is seeing the light (and the return on investment) when it comes to OpenStack. Mirantis, one of the largest systems integrators focused on OpenStack, just announced it has raised $10 million in growth capital financing from Dell Ventures, Intel Capital and WestSummit Capital. The influx of cash is intended to help Mirantis accelerate its growth in its OpenStack cloud business.

Coming only a few months after Rackspace spun off its OpenStack into its own company, the OpenStack Foundation, this new round of financing supporting Mirantis' expansion of its own OpenStack-based business should give the integrator's cloud business a significant boost. As one of the few OpenStack "brain trusts" that does not exist within Rackspace, Mirantis is one of the largest OpenStack partners. As a cloud consultant, it's one of the leaders in the realm of open source cloud computing.

With this latest round of financing, Mirantis' executive team is hoping to "dramatically accelerate the adoption of OpenStack clouds by service providers, SaaS vendors, and enterprises." The investment will be used to accelerate its own growth in the OpenStack market. According to Mirantis, it will continue to focus on being a vendor-neutral implementation of OpenStack.

Mirantis also plays a strong role in the OpenStack Foundation, as its co-founder and executive vice president, Boris Renski, currently sits on the organization's board of directors.

"We believe that OpenStack is on its way to becoming a universal control plane for the entire application infrastructure fabric," said Adrian Ionel, president and CEO of Mirantis, in a prepared statement.

Already a strong contender in the OpenStack space, Mirantis could use this investment to push themselves into a very strong leadership position among some of the biggest OpenStack contributors and integrators.

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