Andy Jassy senior vice president of Amazon Web Services

Andy Jassy, senior vice president of Amazon Web Services.

AWS re:Invent 2014: Businesses Going Cloud as Default

AWS at re:Invent 2014 announced several database, deployment, and security and compliance services to customers. Here's what was revealed.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has unveiled several new offerings at its re:Invent 2014 conference Tuesday, including a low-cost database engine alternative to open source, a managed code deployment service, and new code development tools to save time for developers.

The announcements come as AWS celebrated big milestones — thousands of system integrators and independent software vendors (ISVs) in its partner ecosystem, and 13,500 customers attending the conference this week.

Businesses of all sizes are now going to cloud as default, said Andy Jassy, senior vice president of Amazon Web Services. AWS, which now has more than one million active customers, believes every company must transform their user experience to remain competitive in today's market.

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To assist customers with solving enterprise problems, AWS unveiled a new database engine called Aurora. It aims to provide customers with a database option that's less expensive than open source databases.

With the hopes of accelerating the software development cycle, AWS launched CodeDeploy, a fully managed code deployment service. This offering was the result of an internal deployment service the company had prior.

AWS also rolled out AWS CodePipeline, which enables repeatable, automated integration; can take code from any respository, workflow modeling and visualization; and integrates with existing build and test tools.

Additionally AWS annnounced AWS CodeCommit, available early 2015, a managed code respository in the cloud closely located to staging, test, and production environments.

Jassy said customers are moving to cloud because of security and compliance reasons. In response, the company launched AWS Key Management Service, an encryption key management and compliance offering, and AWS Config, a resource configuration available in 2015.

And in early 2015, AWS will make its AWS Service Catalog available to admins, so they can create and share product portfolios.

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