Twisted Pair Solutions39 Charles G quotLinquot Lindsey Ericcson39s Brenda Conner and Netmotion Wireless39s Tracy Crowe address IWCE 2014

Twisted Pair Solutions' Charles G. ("Lin") Lindsey, Ericcson's Brenda Conner and Netmotion Wireless's Tracy Crowe address IWCE 2014.

IWCE: What Do Cloud Services Mean for Communication Systems & Public Safety?

Twisted Pair Solutions, Motorola Solutions, Ericcson and Netmotion Wireless describe how cloud services may transform communication systems and public safety networks.

After spending today at Cisco Partner Summit 2014, I'm now at IWCE (International Wireless Communications Expo) 2014 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The topic of conversation: What do cloud services mean for communications systems and public safety networks? Experts from Twisted Pair Solutions (owned by Motorola Solutions), Ericcson and Netmotion Wireless are on hand to share their thoughts.

Among the panel highlights:

  • Brenda Conner, a business and solutions creation expert at Ericsson, is pointing out that public safety-grade clouds require the convergence of IT and telecom services with five-nines reliability. In contrast, most traditional public clouds can offer as little as 99.9 ("three-nines") reliability.
  • She pointed to public safety broadband ecosystems requiring devices (policies, privacy and security); platforms (like FirstNet Broadband), and application services (ubiquitous IP).
  • Stay tuned for more updates.
  • Next up was Charles Lindsey, director of Wave Connections at Twisted Pair Solutions (acquired by Motorola Solutions in late 2013). The company is a cloud-based push-to-talk service provider. The WAVE platform is mainly about voice but also manages data.
  • Twisted Pair's cloud service is hosted by IBM's SoftLayer business.
  • Lindsey pointed to customer satisfaction as the No. 1 focus area for cloud services providers -- since customer churn is deadly to a CSP.
  • Lindsey shared a list of what you need to look for from a cloud services provider. It's a great list... and we'll be back with a separate blog later.
  • The final speaker was Tracy Crowe, director of product marketing at Netmotion Wireless.
  • Crowe's key point: Cloud in the field requires mobile connectivity. "What about downtime of that mobile network? Connectivity is the No. 1 issue facing mobile users. It's a carrier-based network so how can I trouble-shoot it?"
  • Once you jump from a corporate network to a public cellular network, you as a CSP or customer might not have visibility into performance issues. There, find Cellular Performance Monitoring tools to understand networks you don't own.
  • More updates coming soon.
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