Gordon Stitt CEO of Nebula

Gordon Stitt, CEO of Nebula

Synnex, Nebula Partner for Turnkey Private Cloud Appliance

Synnex was recently named as the first distributor authorized to sell Nebula's fully integrated, Big Data turnkey private cloud appliance to the channel. Nebula's private cloud system is engineered to work with Apache Cassandra and MongoDB.

Synnex (SNX) has been named the first distributor to offer private cloud infrastructure provider Nebula’s fully integrated, Big Data turnkey private cloud appliance to the channel. The rack-level appliance is a fully integrated private cloud system engineered to deliver workloads for both Apache Cassandra and MongoDB, with Cloudwick Labs selected to handle software integration for solution providers.

“The ability for Synnex solution providers to offer solid private cloud technologies to their enterprise customers is now even more accessible with the addition of Nebula’s turnkey private cloud appliance and Cloudwick’s software integration to our portfolio,” said Peter Larocque, president, North America Distribution at Synnex, in a prepared statement. “With more than half of enterprises prioritizing building private clouds through the end of the year, it is important that Synnex helps our customers find ways to capitalize on that wave.”

The new rack system includes industry-standard servers, the Nebula One Cloud Controller, Apache Cassandra and MongoDB, all backed by Synnex’s distribution model. According to the distributor, the appliance enables an open and flexible infrastructure to store and manage Big Data, while Apache Cassandra provides multi-site distributed computing of Big Data across multiple data centers. MongoDB acts as the solution’s cross-platform document-oriented open source database system.

Synnex is providing three different models for its solution providers, ranging from an entry-level model with a single Nebula One Controller and five servers to Half Rack (1x10) and Full Rack (1x19) versions of the new appliance. The company is promising that the Nebula controller will give customers the ease of plug and play access for all of their Big Data processing needs.

“Businesses rely on data to maintain a competitive edge and they need a way to run new applications and workloads quickly, removing the complexity that comes with a Big Data infrastructure,” said Gordon Stitt, CEO at Nebula. “Handling massive amounts of data requires an infrastructure that can scale out horizontally and respond quickly. Nebula is excited to be working with Synnex and Cloudwick Labs to deliver a turnkey, private cloud rack system powering Cassandra and MongoDB Big Data workloads.”

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