AirWatch, FeedHenry Partner on Mobile Apps

AirWatch, FeedHenry Partner on Mobile Apps

AirWatch and FeedHenry have released a new joint solution that will enable companies to create mobile enterprise applications quickly and easily.

AirWatch and FeedHenry will work together to release a joint solution that will enable companies to create mobile enterprise applications quickly and easily via the AirWatch app catalog.

The integration of FeedHenry’s Mobile Application Platform with AirWatch Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution will allow organizations to develop and incorporate enterprise apps and content onto their users’ mobile devices, while letting IT officials manage them remotely, according to the press release.

“IT organizations often need to develop, deploy and maintain mobile applications quickly and securely to accelerate business opportunities and promote employee productivity,“ said John Marshall, CEO of AirWatch, in a prepared statement. “FeedHenry’s platform integration with AirWatch provides enterprises the ability to secure their mobile devices, and to simplify app development with connectivity to back-end systems through RESTful APIs in the cloud.”

As an added benefit for AirWatch users FeedHenry also plans to roll out several features to aid with app development and management. The company has promised to accelerate development cycles by deploying apps to the device side and service side code to the cloud at the same time, as well as to simplify and secure app connectivity with any enterprise systems. The AirWatch console will also allow companies to monitor their apps once they are live.

“The integration of our next-generation Mobile Application Platform with AirWatch’s EMM solution now gives enterprises secure device management along with the ability to develop, host and manage native, hybrid and HTML5 applications,” said Cathal McGloin, CEO of FeedHenry in the press release. “Most mobile enterprise deployments have been focused on the development of one off tactical applications for specific groups of employees or customers. Increasingly however, organizations are looking toward more advanced mobilization of a broader set of assets and back-end data sets. We believe that agile, cloud-based mobile application platforms, alongside MDM solutions, will play an important role in this enablement.

VMware (VMW) purchased AirWatch last month for a reported 1.54 billion. While it remains to be seen what the virtualization juggernaut plans to do with the company going forward, AirWatch's partnership with FeedHenry is sure to prove interesting as VMware looks to expand its horizons into the field of enterprise mobility.

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