Internap Launches OpenStack Public Cloud Platform

Internap Launches OpenStack Public Cloud Platform

Internap Network Services has launched the beta availability of its OpenStack-based public cloud offering, AgileCLOUD.

Internap Network Services unveiled the beta version of its new OpenStack-driven public cloud, AgileCLOUD. The company claims it's the first cloud platform that "will fully expose both virtualized and bare-metal compute instances over a native OpenStack API and delivers significant performance, interoperability and flexibility benefits."

Designed for greater cloud performance and large-scale use cases, this next iteration of Internap's AgileCLOUD offering was designed to make it easy for customers to provision and manage thousands of virtual or bare-metal cloud AgileSERVER instances across the company's global cloud data centers.

"Not only can we offer our customers all the benefits of the OpenStack platform, but we've implemented existing features that our hybridized customers find valuable—such as bare-metal cloud instances, static IP addresses, Layer 2 VLANs and compatibility with our existing hosting API (hAPI)," said Raj Dutt, senior vice president of technology at Internap, in a prepared statement.

A few other key features the company noted include:

  • Flexible configuration options and hybridization. With the new version of AgileCLOUD, customers are able to choose from more instance types than before while also getting more flexible configuration options so they can match cloud resources to applications' needs.
  • High-performance storage. According to Internap, the OpenStack-based AgileCLOUD was designed for latency-sensitive and I/O-intensive applications. It provides 100 percent SSD storage for both local and networked block storage.
  • Improved interoperability with no vendor lock-in. Because it's now fully OpenStack-driven, AgileCLOUD provides the benefits of the open source cloud platform's API, as well as third-party OpenStack ecosystem developments.
  • Deeper OpenStack integration for improved image management, block device management and security groups.

For now, the new AgileCLOUD version is being offered to customers in beta out of Internap's Santa Clara, Calif., data center. The company did not private an expected general availability date of the OpenStack-based AgileCLOUD offering.

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